EcoArki, official representative of SOLVATTEN in Peru

Solvatten is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement for the Country of PERU with ECOARKI SAC to expand the reach of Solvatten starting with the rural and disadvantaged districts of TIQUILLACA, VILQUE and MAÑAZO in PUNO, PERU. This new partnership is the starting point of an increasing Solvatten distribution network in the Latin American region.

“We are very pleased to add EcoArki’s executive and selling capability and the value added approach they bring to the Peruvian people and the environment through its valuable professional presence in the region” says Petra Wadström, CEO and inventor of Solvatten.


Recently in a Ceremony in the Royal Natural History Museum in London, SOLVATTEN was awarded the “INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARD“ as the Best Green Product Innovation. In this same event , Executive Director of EcoArki, Rodolfo Beltrán, former CEO of AGRORURAL, Minister of Agriculture’s Rural development program, was awarded the first place for his involvement in the Peruvian project, “The AGRORURAL, 230 Million Tree Campaign” under the umbrella of UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign.


EcoArki´s associates have an extensive experience in the rural scenario and dealing with International Cooperation Agencies in developing countries, Multi Lateral Agencies, Public Offices, Central, Regional and Municipal Governments, and turning successful projects into public policies.


“The joint efforts of two Winners in Sustainable Development like SOLVATTEN and EcoArki will benefit and improve the quality of life of thousands of families in the Rural Zones of Peru. This innovative solution will not only benefit the health and hygine conditions with the supply of safe and hot water to off grid communities, but is a decisive step to mitigate deforestation and improve family economy conditions” asserted.

Rodolfo Beltran , CEO of EcoArki.