It is now or never if we want to avoid climate disaster.

“It’s now or never if we want to limit global warming to 1.5C,” said Jim Skea, co-chair of the working group on the launch of the latest IPCC report. “Without immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, it will be impossible.” The report said carbon emissions need to drop 43 percent by 2030 and 84 percent by mid-century to meet the more ambitious Paris goal of 1.5C. There is still hope but we need to act now and take drastic decisions on leading a low carbon economy and society. Coal must be effectively phased out. Methane emissions must be reduced by a third. Growing forests and preserving soils will be necessary. 


Solvatten is one of several concrete and innovative solutions needed to speed up the process. Solvatten reduces the need to use charcoal and firewood for heating and boiling water, it saves trees and decreases the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  

The world cannot afford unsustainable solutions. Be part of the positive change by providing people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally-friendly way. Collaborate with us through your company, by reducing your climate impact, creating joint projects with Solvatten Charitable Foundation, or as a private donor.   


Read the IPCC report here.