New film from Kibera

Solvatten gives access to safe water supply for about 13,000 residents in Kibera, on of the largest urban slum in Africa. The technology have been used by Kiberan residents in Nairobi since 2010. The initiative has been implemented in a two year project to respond to the impacts of climate change and evaluate how the new device transforms the daily lives of the residents in the area. Results show that residents has now halved the cost for fuel to acquire safe and warm water.


Solvatten AB, RINCOD and IEW together has distributed the Solvatten® technology to 2 500 households and thereby help secure 13,000 beneficiaries access to safe and warm water. The targeted customers have been vulnerable families e.g. those headed by single women who has received training for the use of the technology and for hygiene and sanitation matters.