Söderberg and Partners Sustainability Week 2023


Pioneering Sustainable Finance and Corporate Responsibility

In a world where businesses are increasingly recognizing their role in addressing pressing global challenges, Söderberg & Partners makes a commitment to both sustainable finance, corporate responsibility, and meaningful contributions. With a profound dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment, Söderberg & Partners has positioned itself at the forefront of the movement for a more sustainable and responsible financial industry. Söderberg & Partners contributions to projects like Solvatten and our collaborative activities further exemplify their commitment to effecting meaningful change in the world.

Petra Wadström: A BIG thank you for Söderberg och Partners fantastic commitment and contribution to the Solvatten Charitable Foundation. Your contribution will soon be heading to Zambia. In Zambia we work together with the child health organisation Plan Zambia. They select the most vulnerable families that are in desperate need of  clean water and a way out of their energy-poverty. Families with mothers of young children under the age of five and maternity clinics will now thanks to Söderberg and Partners, have access to the benefits of Solvatten. It will help reduce illness, decrease firewood usage, preserve forests, and give more time for children, especially girls, to attend school.

A big thank you to Söderberg and partners in Sweden,Finland, Norway, UK, Spain and Holland.

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