Solvatten collaborates with Tehuset Java

In proud collaboration with Tehuset Java, we now present Solvatten’s Organic Green Tea.


More people should have access to clean and safe water. Together with Tehuset Java, we are now taking a united approach to ensuring an environmentally and socially sustainable future.


Historically until today, the culture around tea has been of great importance. A hot tea symbolizes a pure drink but is also essential for well-being and quality of life. After water, tea is the most common drink.


The tea is a green organic Sencha. We wanted the tea to have a connection to Solvatten. And that is why we have chosen this particular tea, a pure green tea, for a green future and clean water. The water that is purified and heated in a Solvatten could be used to brew this particular tea. The filtered and heated water produced by a Solvatten is excellent for brewing this tea as the temperature can reach up to 72°C, precisely the temperature on the water when we brew green tea.


You can buy the tea on Tehuset Java’s website and in their stores. For each product sold, SEK 10 goes to Solvatten.