new unicef report

Lack of safe drinking water remains one of the greatest challenges in the developing world and large investments in providing all worlds’ population with drinking water have been done during several years, but in many cases the results have not been considered successful, nor resilient.

UNICEF West and Central Africa Region researcher Catrine Sandstedt has reviewed a large number of projects and approaches within the water sector like, community-based water distribution with hand-pumps and wells and also different household water treatment methods such as aluminum sulphate, Aquatabs, Watermaker, Javel water etc.


Caterine Sandstedt singled out SOLVATTEN as one out of two projects that can be considered successful in terms of resilience because it addresses more then the average house hold water solution. The life improvements from having safe, warm water is direct and households can now handle the water challenges at home. The report concludes that “Contre-pouvoir” in water management is an advantageous approach and contribute towards resilience within the sector.

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