Solvatten named in ‘Techarenan’ top 50 future Nordic firms 2021

Techarenan is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship that brings together the most innovative startups from the Nordics, industry leading companies, policy makers and politicians.


The 50 finalists compete for the awards: Startup Company of the Year, Growth Company of the Year, the Business Award, The Social Impact Award, AI and Technical edge Award and the Industry Award.


In this years race for the most innovative companies in the Nordics also some really interesting fellow companies:


Rscued, Scrive, Aarke, CodeScene, Deedster, Platform24 Healthcare AB, Annotell, Soundtrack Your Brand, Minesto, Hooked Foods, RGNT Motorcycles, ClimateView, Dugga Digital Assessment, Turbotic, Adverty, Ferroamp, MyPick, Azelio , Doconomy, Findity, Ekobot, Heja, Tourn International AB, Challengermode, Hem, ReOrbit , SomeBuddy, C-Green, PlasticFri™, bintel AB, CEREBRIU, porkchop, Whywaste, Tada Medical AB, Quizrr, Skyqraft, MEDS Apotek, Gimi.


Thank you for naming Solvatten among the above! Read more about the event here.