What is a Climate Solver?


Solving Climate Issues with Solvatten

Solvatten was in Copenhagen where the world’s leaders are meeting to find solutions to climate change. WWF has selected Solvatten as a Climate Solver and invited the company behind Solvatten to join them in Copenhagen.


Deforestation is a significant concern when it comes to global warming. But now there is a Swedish invention which can greatly reduce deforestation, and in doing so, give clean and hot water to millions of people in need. WWF has recognized this and chosen Solvatten to be one of their featured Climate Solvers. WWF Sweden has evaluated a range of new technologies to determine their potential to reduce green-house gas emissions. Following the assessment, seven technologies with the greatest potential were chosen. Given the number of people worldwide currently treating their water by boiling with firewood, WWF estimates that, with widespread distribution, Solvatten could be reducing CO2 emissions by 26 million tonnes per year by 2020. If all seven Climate Solver innovations were widely adopted then CO2 emissions could be reduced by 600 million tons per year.

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