A Swedish Partnership Built on Sustainability and Human Rights

Today, Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn announced that the companies will work together to provide clean water and life opportunities for vulnerable families and climate refugees in Uganda. The collaboration between Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn, which begins in 2021, will soon help hundreds of families gain access to clean water with the help of Solvatten – a smart Swedish innovation that purifies water with the help of the sun. 
”For us, it has always been important to support projects that share our vision of a sustainable future, something that Solvatten  strives for on several levels,” said Maria Veerasamy, CEO of Svenskt Tenn. ”In addition, both Svenskt Tenn and Solvatten were founded and run by women, so it lays close to our hearts to be able to contribute to a project that in the long run also strengthens the woman’s role in the family and society.” 
Everything starts with clean water
About 80% of diseases in developing countries are due to dirty water and poor hygiene. This is one of the most common causes of infant mortality in the world. Infections, typhoid, diarrhoea  and stomach infections can be life-threatening – especially for children under the age of 5 who are particularly vulnerable. Clean water is absolutely fundamental for survival and with your own water purification at home, life becomes safer and easier. Women get more opportunities. Boiling the water clean before use is a common method and where there is no electricity, the alternative is to burn wood or coal. But it is expensive, heavy and time-consuming work – and the responsibility for firewood and water is seldom shared equally between the men and women. By heating and purifying water with sunlight instead of wood, time and energy are freed up for more productive use. In this way, Solvatten makes a big difference, not only for health, but also for the role of women in the home and society. The core of the collaboration between Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn, which were both founded and led by women, is based on strengthening women and mothers. When time from household chores is freed up, opportunities for education, support and independence also open up. 
“It is inspiring and we are proud that we can collaborate with Svenskt Tenn,” said Petra Wadström, CEO and founder of Solvatten. “Together we can make a difference in places in the world where Solvatten is needed most.” 
Sun, water and a sustainable future for all 
We must think both immediate and long-term in order to ensure a sustainable future for all and slow down the ongoing climate crisis. One way is to help the most vulnerable who are affected the most.