This year we invite you to participate in a fundraise for the people of Turkana in north Kenya. Life in this arid region of Kenya is harder than most of us can imagine. Here, every day is a struggle for survival. Our partner organization the Norwegian Refugee Council, NRC has conducted a baseline study in the region and it found that less than 35% sourced their water from public water supply points. The risks for catching water related disease is significant and many children fall ill during their childhood in this chronically poor region. But SOLVATTEN can really help here.

We ask for your help to reach this years target and send 72 SOLVATTEN to the families of Turkana. Donate here and we will send you 10 digital SOLVATTEN postcards from Turkana!


Reaching € 7’848 will help us deliver 72 SOLVATTEN Systems. It will bring a better and more dignified life to approximately 400 people.