Campaigning for Safe water in Turkana

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


SOLVATTEN users in Songot, Turkana. The arid north western part of Kenya where water is scarce. People use contaminated water that they scoop up from holes in dry river beds. Water born diseases are common here.

SOLVATTEN users in Songot, Turkana -located in north western Kenya where water is scarce. People use contaminated water that is scooped up from holes dug in dry river beds. Water born diseases are common here.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Erling Persson Family Foundation, SOLVATTEN has launched a safe water campaign for Kakuma. Erling Persson was the founder of H&M and today Stefan Persson, his son, is the chairman of the family’s philanthropic foundation. The Turkana campaign aims to reach more than 100,000 people and is being implemented by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). 

All fundraising is administered by SOLVATTEN’s Charitable Foundation. The foundation has been set up to improve the lives of people living in chronic poverty without safe water in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Join our campaign to better the lives for 100’000 people! Lets go! 
Lets go!


Solvatten to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Church of Sweden and the aid agency Lutheran World Federation (LWF) are launching

Solvatten in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. The goal of the project is to reduce environmental degradation by enabling people to use alternative sources of energy in the camp and in the host community that surrounds it.

Supply of fire wood has been a problem in Kakuma region since the camp was set up in 1992 but it has escalated in the past two years, despite that the refugees are not allowed to harvest firewood directly from the bushes. This is attributed to the continuous massive influx of people into the camp leading to the environmental degradation through the harvesting of sticks from the available vegetation for firewood. Firewood has become very expensive and the UNHCR struggles to purchase and supply fuel to the growing population of refugees in the camp.

The project will reduce the amount of firewood being used inside the camps and alongside reduce the tree harvesting around the camps. The local community will save money, the environment will be protected and the tensions between the host population and the camp dwellers will be reduced.

If you want to contribute to this initiative, donate here