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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It is the last days of this years COP23 in Bonn. Much focus is on how to help people most affected by climate change, get the right tools and technology do help adapt and prepare for future challenges. Read the interview between Analice Martins, independent writer, activist for women’s rights and founder of Internacionalidade and David Wadström discuss how Solvatten can be a tool for companies, organisations and governments to achieve their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. On Green Post.

Here is an excerpt of the interview


STOCKHOLM, Nov.7(Greenpost)– Climate change is a reality and people from developing countries – specially women and children – are suffering the most. How can technology support governments to overcome these challenges?  Getting ready for the future. Credit: Solvatten. 

Here we have an interview between Analice Martins, independent writer, activist for women’s rights and founder of Internacionalidadeand David Wadström focusing on an innovation called Solvatten.  The following is the details of Q and A.

Hej, David! Thanks for having me here! Can you tell me more about Solvatten?
Hej Analice! Sure! Solvatten – which means “Sun Water” in Swedish – is a jerry can that uses solar energy to purify contaminated water. After a few hours exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, specifically UV-B, the water is free from the pathogens that cause diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and cholera. We created a durable design that stands intense heat and sunlight for many years and it has the capacity to process up to 40 liters of water per day, all we need is sunshine!

Sounds very promising! And how is Solvatten addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change?
Billions of people still use firewood to cook, heat and boil water in order to make it cleaner. There are numerous social and environmental consequences of this practice; for instance, burning firewood causes harmful indoor air pollution, releases greenhouse gas emissions, and impact the lives of many girls and women who need to walk dozens of miles every day to fetch water and firewood.
A typical household used to spend up to three hours a day to generate energy to water needs. Solvatten saves time and allow people to pursue more economically productive activities. Additionally, decreasing firewood burns is beneficial to both the household’s members as well as the trees in the local environment.

In which ways is Solvatten supporting governments and organizations to achieve their climate and development goals?
Solvatten is both a short and long-term solution. In the short term, Solvatten is a powerful relief tool for communities affected by natural disasters. Governments and International Organizations can use Solvatten in areas suffering from water contamination. In the long-term, Solvatten has been proven to be a change maker: it empowers women, increases girls’ attendance in schools, changes hygienic behaviors, and transforms its users into true climate heroes! Families have saved thousands of hectares of forest and a million trees by using Solvatten. That is real climate Action!

Solvatten works with governments but also green-minded companies, please tell me more about that? 
We work in partnership with governments, local organizations and corporations to provide Solvatten to millions of people living off-grid. Since 2007, we have initiated 45 projects reaching out over 300.000 people living in more than 20 developing countries. For instance, the Solvatten CSR and Climate Project provides companies and partners an opportunity to connect social and environmental impact with their business needs. An increased use of Solvatten can also improve the way a responsible company is doing business in East Africa and other emerging markets. It can really add value to their supply chains in agro-business. 


Can you give me an example of a successful partnership? 
Yes, good examples are the partnerships we have with sugar and coffee grower cooperatives. Solvatten plays a key role in improving the farmer’s lives at the same time it can be a practical way to offset the carbon emissions that the business contributes to. Solvatten is also being used by corporations like Axfood, International Organization such as the UN-Habitat, and environmental foundations like myclimate. 


It’s really inspiring! Now, to finalize, what is your biggest dream? 

My dream is to live in a world where everyone has access to safe and clean water, just as we do here in Sweden. I also hope that Solvatten shall inspire other entrepreneurs and innovators to raise their voice and come up with great solutions to address climate change! 

Sunshine stories from Kenya

Friday, June 30, 2017

‘’Before we have been suffering, especially the children with constant stomach problems which have ended and reduced after we started using the Solvatten container” says Ann Kiwera, mother of 2 children.

17,3 million people live without access to safe water in Kenya, even a greater number does not have electricity. In situations like this, people need sustainable solutions that can be of assistance to improve living standards and to the development of the country.

Solvatten and International Aid Services (IAS), collaborates in order to support people that are vulnerable, particularly the people affected by the climate changes in Kenya. Improved health, less need to burn firewood and enhanced use of solar power are the three building blocks in this project. Axfood is the corporate partner supporting the project and a large reason why it started and has been so successful throughout the years.

So far, this project has reached over 1,000 families in the Tharaka County in Kenya. IAS has worked in the area for many years and has great experience in the region. Through IAS’ network, Solvatten’s water containers are introduced and presented in an effective way to the following target groups: new mothers, families with small children, healthcare personal and agricultural cooperatives. With Solvatten provided and the attached hygiene education, many prominent health issues can be forestalled in Tharaka, (such as cholera, typhoid, viruses or parasites). The initiative also helps the targeted groups to better cope with the climate changes taking place in Sub Sahara. Unanticipated whether conditions and increased deforestation have serious negative effects on water availability and quality, as well as, the environment in general. Erosion increases as the forest decreases and the rivers now completely dry out during the dry-season, which was extremely rare a couple of years ago. In addition, sustained heat waves and drought make people in the region more exposed and vulnerable to climate change.

By cooperating with Solvatten AB, Axfood partly compensates for their emission to the environment. An approximation of the diminishing emissions directly tied to this project reaches 5,800 tCO2. The goal, described above is to make an effort to help the people, the environment and the climate. By increasing the use of Solvatten globally, one is also in support of the United Nation’s long-term vision of trying to be part of a development that caters our needs without compromising coming generations opportunities to cater theirs.

Together, we can help the people that are the most vulnerable and exposed to climate changes and injustices.


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