New approach to global health challenges

STOCKHOLM – Swecare and the Swedish Health Initiatives group are hosting a seminar today to discuss innovative approaches to solving global health issues and the challenges faced in scaling these up. This forum is the first to be held as part of a new initiative created by a number of Swedish health companies, institutions and […]

Swedish Soroptimist Clubs engaging in Solvatten

Swedish Soroptimists have engaged strongly in Solvatten and initiated their own Solvatten projects together with partners. In 2012, the Stockholm-Roslagen Soroptimist Club started a fundraising campaign to provide Solvatten to a SOS Children’s Village in Lubango in Angola. The club engaged their local community in the Stockholm-Roslagen area, leading to a substantial contribution to the […]

Summer campaign

How about some sparkling lemon water for midsummer? We are  excited to bring you the summer campaign with Axfood! The bottles hits the stores in Stockholm, Sweden this week. Get your Solvatten bottle at a supermarket nearby (Willys/Hemköp) and we will ship more Solvatten to needing families in Uganda!

Access to safe water in Uganda and globally

Solvatten is included in a myclimate programme to disseminate water purification systems to low-income households, starting in Uganda. Carbon finance will be used to give households access to the clean water technologies thereby improving the livelihoods and health conditions of thousands of people. The programme will promote the scaled dissemination of clean water technologies around […]

A Walk for Water with Wellstep

The swedish company Wellstep has launched a campaign that will give their clients a tool to increase their exercise and at the same time contribute to the sending of Solvatten to a project run by Swedish Child Fund to support families living in Kendu Bay, Kenya. Walking that extra mile will make a big difference […]

Meet U&We+Solvatten at Zero Mission Forum

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Meet U&We+Solvatten at Zero Mission Forum Welcome to lunch at the ZeroMission forum. Petra Wadström and the Solvatten team will explain how Solvatten can help to reduce carbon emission that brings multiple social benefits. 14th of November 12:00-14:00. Download invitation (Swedish)   Stora Nygatan 45, Stockholm   OSA latest 7th november   to hej(at) Explore Collaborations

Solvatten to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Solvatten to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya Church of Sweden and the aid agency Lutheran World Federation (LWF) are launching   Solvatten in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. The goal of the project is to reduce environmental degradation by enabling people to use alternative sources of energy in the camp and […]

Solvatten at Stockholm Water Week

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Solvatten at Stockholm Water Week “Resilience and DRR in WASH systems (water sanitation & hygiene) – Post disaster emergency & conflict situations”   Co-Organised by the cluster group for water and DRR at SIWI + WASH & RESCUE research project (Stockholm Environment Institute)   When: August 29th, 8.30 -12.30   Where: […]

Ge bort rent vatten i jul – en meningsfull julklapp till anställda och partners

By using Solvatten, smoke inhalation and emissions from burning fuelwood decrease

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Ge bort rent vatten i jul – en meningsfull julklapp till anställda och partners Inför julen 2012 presenterar Solvatten och Fair Unlimited ett julklappserbjudande riktat mot företag och organisationer. Syftet med erbjudandet är att påminna om bristen på rent vatten i världen och samtidigt få oss i Sverige att uppskatta det […]

UN Habitat reporting from Mali

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES UN Habitat reporting from Mali Initial results from the UN Habitat and Solvatten project in Bamako Mali shows a 60% drop in charcoal costs for families using Solvatten to treat and heat their water. This in combination with the savings of around 2-3 USD per week from buying treated water before […]