Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology Awards Its Grand Prize to Petra Wadström

NEWS Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology Awards Its Grand Prize to Petra Wadström The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, has chosen Petra Wadström, founder and inventor of Solvatten, as the recipient of this year’s grand prize. KTH grants this award to promote people who have made groundbreaking discoveries. KTH’s grand prize is awarded annually and […]

Protect what you love: Colin´s story

NEWS Protect what you love: Colin´s story Colin Owachgiu is 32 years old and lives in Gotmoyo village, in Nebbi, Northern Uganda. Colin lives with his wife and three children aged 7, 5, and 3 years old. They sustain their living as peasant farmers of cassava, maize, cotton, and beans which they sell in the […]

New Solvatten project with Plan International Canada & Zambia

NEWS New Solvatten project with Plan International Canada & Zambia Background In Zambia, an estimated 4.8 million men, women and children lack regular access to clean water, which is a major factor in Zambia’s high rate of childhood malnutrition. The organisation Plan International is running a project in the rural countryside in order to respond […]

The Water Challenge; ain´t no mountain high enough?

IN DEPTH The water challenge: ain´t no mountain high enough? A personal experience of how the world transforms under climate change.  This is Solvatten; where technology meets purpose and long-term benefits, human intervention, bravery, creative energy, and dreams of a better world. “Solvatten.org Meet-Up” is a series of meetings that we want to share to […]

Solvatten Stakeholder Meeting

NEWS Solvatten’s Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Since 2010, the Solvatten Group has been working in over 20 programs in Kenya, with the objective to improve living conditions in rural communities, while also increasing forest protection and mitigating CO2 emissions. Working with organizations such as PLAN International, Norwegian Refugee Council, ChildFund and International Aid Service, we have […]

Svenskt Tenn & Solvatten

SOLVATTEN & SVENSKT TENN A Swedish Partnership Built on Sustainability and Human Rights Today, Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn announced that the companies will work together to provide clean water and life opportunities for vulnerable families and climate refugees in Uganda. The collaboration between Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn, which begins in 2021, will soon help hundreds […]

Unequal kWh’s

Unequal kWh’s

ENERGY POVERTY MUST GO Unequal kWh’s The richest 10 per cent account for about half of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. At the same time, the poorest 50 per cent account for less than 10 per cent of emissions, yet the richest 1 per cent emit twice as much as the poorest half.  […]

EU Women Innovators Prize 2017

SOLVATTEN NEWS EU Women Innovators Prize 2017 Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten is one of 9 finalists for the EU prize for women Innovators 2017. Discover the 9 finalists in the video for the EU prize for women Innovators 2017 and the 3 finalists for the new EU rising innovator awards. EU will be announcing the winners […]

Petra Wadström Swedish Elle Social Entrepreneur of the year

ELLE and Le Comptoir de l’Innovation have created a unique award dedicated to female social entrepreneurship, the ”ELLE IMPACT² AWARD”. Female entrepreneurs from all around the world have been rewarded and portrayed by ELLE magazines. National competitions have been driven in nine countries. All the national finalists met in Paris in April 2016 for the […]

Woman of the Year 2015!

Petra Wadström was awarded to Woman of the Year 2015 by women network SWEA International.  The jury states that Petras creativity and her philanthropical spirit makes her a shining example. Read more about it here: http://swea.org/2015/arets-svenska-kvinna-och-stipendiater/