Meet U&We+Solvatten at Zero Mission Forum

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Meet U&We+Solvatten at Zero Mission Forum Welcome to lunch at the ZeroMission forum. Petra Wadström and the Solvatten team will explain how Solvatten can help to reduce carbon emission that brings multiple social benefits. 14th of November 12:00-14:00. Download invitation (Swedish)   Stora Nygatan 45, Stockholm   OSA latest 7th november   to hej(at) Explore Collaborations

Big-hearted climate investments

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Big-hearted climate investments By replacing use of wood and fossil fuels Solvatten reduces deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions.  Now the distribution of Solvatten can be financed through climate investments by companies and individuals. Solvatten will be distributed and used in projects generating high quality carbon offsets – Gold Standard VERs*.  The […]