Technology that makes a big difference in the world

Every year ”Tech For Global Good” acknowledges four innovators from all over the world that have created or used technology to make the world a better place. These four will be represented in an annual exhibition at The Tech Interactive, a venue that has over 130,000 visitors each year. This year, Solvatten is part of the prestigious exhibition ranking with Zipline International, AI4ALL, and Amandla Mobi.


These four initiatives have in common that they show that technology can make a big difference in people’s lives. Amandla Mobi, is a digital platform used by 200,000 women in South Africa to improve women’s safety and prevent sexual violence against women. Zipline International uses an intelligent drone system to deliver medicine to pregnant women in Rwanda and Ghana. AI4ALL aims to make AI more inclusive and to prevent algorithms that discriminate. Solvatten produces the Solvatten Solar Safe Water Energy System that creates clean and hot water through solar energy, which helps mainly women and children who live without access to clean water and basic hygiene.


Solvatten will be in San José, CA USA on the first of November for the exhibition opening as well as the award ceremony for the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award. Past recipients of the prize include Bill Gates and Al Gore. During the exhibition this year, the Tech Museum will present the “2020 Youth Climate Action Summit.” The climate crisis is an inter-generational justice problem. Fortunately, there is technology that makes a difference and inspires us forward!


Read the Tech For Global Good press release here.