The mix of nutrition supplements and safe, warm water
Mothers learn to use Solvatten when mixing micronutrient powder for malnourished children

We are studying how the impact of Solvatten is of help to families with malnourished children in the Kakuma Refugee camp. One initial observation is that because of the strict rations of fuelwood, it is now easier for families to prepare the micronutrient powder, corn porridge and formula provided by the UNHCR, WFP and IRC. Since Solvatten treats and heats the water to +55°C the beneficiaries could instantly grasp the benefits of heating water without using traditional fuelwood.

Household water treatment and heated water improves hygiene practices which is important to prevent malnourished children from falling sick. There is a clear relationship between diarrheal disease, soil-transmitted helminths and malnutrition: A WHO study concluded that as much as 50% of childhood underweight and malnutrition could be associated with repeated diarrhea or soil-transmitted helminth infections. The availability of safe, warm water has the power to prevent it from happening.

During 2015-2016 a selection of families with malnourished children will be monitored to further verify these findings.