Unequal kWh’s

The richest 10 per cent account for about half of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. At the same time, the poorest 50 per cent account for less than 10 per cent of emissions, yet the richest 1 per cent emit twice as much as the poorest half. 

The world is not just economically unequal, those who make the most money also emit by far the most greenhouse gases and at the same time, the poorest have the lowest emissions of all but are most affected by climate change. For example, it is five times more common for people in poor countries to be forced to flee due to extreme weather, compared to rich countries. Global warming is also affecting the livelihoods of poor people, for example through poorer or no harvests.

As an example, did you know that consuming 1kWh of electricity equates to the heat energy from burning about 0,4 kg of  regular hardwood? This  emits approximately 0.3 kg of carbon dioxide. For a modern typical household the use of energy is around 4.000 kWh per year emitting 20 tons of CO2, (and  a lot is wasted on poor energy efficiency).

The result from using fuelwood instead of electricity is drudgery, poisoning, fires, burns, limited economic opportunity, and premature death due to respiratory diseases.

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