What is the impact of 10,000 Solvatten units?

When crisis hits, it is necessary to set priorities. Innovative solutions such as Solvatten can save lives in both the short-, medium- and long-term. For countries that want to increase preparation for nation-wide natural disasters while providing a longer-term viable solution for disaster-struck areas or remote/poor areas, Solvatten is a cost-efficient solution, providing significant humanitarian benefits for people in need. 

The technology can quickly be distributed to people and in this virtual pilot displays how 10,000 units in a disaster response pack can provide up to 500 million liters of clean, warm water, benefiting 56,000 people. It provides completely chemical-free purification and can be complemented by other methods for periods with less sunshine. 


Easy deployment from a central warehouse combined with basic usage instructions allows Solvatten to deliver immediate relief. Each unit reduces transmission of disease and minimizes sick days, generating significant improvements for family finances, increasing time for education and benefiting local productivity.


The following example of a 10,000 unit Solvatten project deployment is based on a rural sub-Saharan example. In this example, these 10,000 units will support 56-60,0000 people over 5-7 years, saving household health costs for medical treatment of almost $700,000. Additionally, savings on the cost of energy for heating and treating water can amount to $900,000.


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