Enable Positive Synergies


Sustainable transports for social development

Perhaps the most important goal within UN’s SDGs is number 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. This is key in order for humanity to reach every goal within Agenda 2030. Another important part is to find synergies between the goals – how can we work towards several of them simultaneously, and how can a strategy and solution for one goal also bring positive synergy effects on others? 


The partnership between Solvatten and Viva Wine Group started in 2017, when the wine agency was determined to further integrate sustainability in their supply chain. The vision was to promote ethical and organic farming and improving work conditions, while also investing in efficient transports and innovative packaging to reduce climate impact. Working with producers all over the world, their focal SDGs were set to health, equality, clean water, working conditions and sustainable growth, consumption and production, climate change and ecosystems diversity. 


By teaming up with peers and retailers, “Dryckesbranschens Klimatinitiativ” was launched in 2017. Viva Wine Group decided to aim for leadership, and decrease emissions generated from their business. They started looking at smarter, light-weight packaging and switched from road to rail transports. Over comparable routes within Europe, rail generates about 75% less impact on the climate than road transport. Today, 70% of their product comes in climate-smart packaging, and the climate impact per liter continues to decrease each year.


For the remaining emissions, Viva Wine Group was searching for a carbon off-setting option that could also generate impact on their remaining focal SDGs. Solvatten stood out as a favourable opportunity, by showing direct and indirect positive impact on all 17 SDGs. Since then, 4364 families in Kenya have received Solvatten thanks to Viva Wine Groups carbon investments in Solvattens climate program. At large, this means that close to 25 000 people now have access to safe and warm water at home, from a sustainable source of energy – the sun.


“If you are looking for innovative carbon offsetting initiatives, that also generate social benefits, Solvatten is the perfect choice and partner. Its water purification solution helps improve health, increase equality and reduce climate impact. All at the same time.”


– Mikael Sundström, Director Sustainability Viva Wine Group.

Since the beginning, we have seen families improving their living standards substantially as a result of our partnership. Children are healthier and able to attend school, while women are enabled to provide for their families and becoming more self-dependent. Their decreased dependence on firewood and charcoal not only saves time and money – it also helps them protect the environment by saving trees. 


In order to spread the word about the benefits of carbon offsetting through Solvatten Viva Wine Group companies have started to include information to consumers on selected organic and Fairtrade certified products offered in climate smart packaging. Now, Viva Wine Group look forward to further develop carbon offsetting projects with Solvatten and help contribute to improved health and better living conditions in rural Kenya.