Solvatten, Wine and Sustainability Reporting

Can climate off-setting benefit socio-ecological conditions, and contribute to positive impact on all 17 SDGs? Yes it can. 

As pioneers in organic and ethically certified wine, Viva Wine Group is the largest wine company in Sweden and the Nordics. In terms of responsibility and sustainability in their value chains, they include the aspects of farming, production, packaging and transport. For example – they promote safeguarding of soils, water and biodiversity in the vineyards, and they achieve 75% less impact on the climate by choosing railway prior to road transports within Europe. Outside of Europe, transports are conducted by sea. 

For the remaining impact of their transports, Viva Wine Group offsets their emissions through investments in Solvatten. Since the partnership was initiated in 2018, this has resulted in close to 7 500 Solvatten units to off-grid communities in Kenya, enabling reductions of over 52 000 tonnes CO2 emissions. These CO2 savings are enabled as families, schools and health clinics can use Solvatten instead of burning biomass to treat and heat water. Can you imagine, that this volume is equal to burning 47 000 middle sized trees, to treat and heat over 3 million cubic meters of water?

Does these numbers sound too good to be true? Well, let us add – that our partnership has given over 37 000 people in Kenya improved living conditions. These people are too making important savings – in terms of valuable time and money, on a daily basis.

”At Vina Wine Group, we have set ambitious goals to reduce our climate impact. Yet, we are humble to the fact that our remaining climate impact needs to be compensated. Solvatten brings so many positive effects; improved health, equality and reduced climate impact. Solvatten creates change and social benefits that lasts over time” 
– Caroline Strindmar, Sustainability Manager, Viva Wine Group. 

The investments made in Solvatten is presented in Viva Wine Group’s annual Business and Sustainability Report. Take part of the full report here.

Thank you, Viva Wine Group!