Solvatten at World Water Week on August 23rd

Join Petra Wadström in SIWI storytelling session 2021. 23 August 19:30-20:30 pm or 10.30-11.30 am (PT)  


The temperature of domestic water matters more than imagined. If the energy for heating this water is from a renewable source, Billions of tons of CO2 can be saved. For the convening water sector in the World Water Week this coming week – marrying the two (energy and water) has so far been a missed opportunity.  


International aid and development could be more effective if lack of energy and unsafe water were addressed in tandem. Today, there is a lack of a holistic perspective in development assistance, like those who handle energy issues and those who handle water issues are sharply separated. The overall SDG goals should enable a broader perspective for a greater exchange between energy and the water sector. For the world to get closer to a sustainable future for all, sector-bridging collaborations are needed. This can create unexpected synergies and hybrid innovations. However, decision-makers in aid and development need to take a chance, leave silos, comfort zones, and rerun calculations on the benefits of marrying energy and water. 


How we all live, and work has an impact on climate. In Kenya, research shows water heating in homes accounts for 50-70% of power bills depending on hot water demand. To heat water, the residential sector in Kenya consumes about 820 GWh of electricity annually, as confirmed by the 2010 Director Renewable Energy at the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). It’s undisputed that energy efficiency is the best and fastest route to reduce the carbon footprint.  


Access to energy has raised our standard of living, promoted health and well-being, and kept us safer. Switching the societies of the world towards renewable energy is more than just connectivity to grid electricity. Nevertheless, to mistake energy for electricity is to make a fundamental category error. Using solar energy for thermal heat will be a win for many.  

Water initiates needs an upgrade.

To use Solvatten is a step closer to have safe and hot water running from a tap inside my house. It will take very long before we have piped water and electricity in our community. But Solvatten helps now”  – Jane from Kenya, Mother of 4 children.