Zoégas is now strengthening its long-term sustainability commitment in East Africa. In September, 432 Solvatten containers reached the Rwenzori region in Uganda. It can take hours to collect water in the Rwenzori region. The roads to carry the water are complicated to walk, and the water sources are high up in the mountains and far away from the villages.


We have previously provided this solution for coffee growers in Kenya with good results, and we want to continue using this invention in Uganda, where it is beneficial. In addition to providing the coffee growers with clean and hot water, we can use this solution to reduce healthcare costs and firewood needs, says Minette Rosén, Green Coffee Specialist at Zoégas.


A safe and clean water source is vital to create a sustainable future.

The impact of 432 Solvatten enables 2350 people to satisfy themselves with safe and hot water. By reducing the need for burning wood and trees, up to 3,000 trees can also be saved annually, creating environmental stability and resilience. Furthermore, we have seen results that show an effect on reducing sick days and health expenses. These factors, in combination, make a positive change in people’s everyday life.


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