Solvatten at COP25 in Madrid

Monday, December 16, 2019

It is a crisp evening in the streets of Madrid. Thousands of people from around the world are here, lobbying governments and decision-makers to turn their pledges on climate change adaptation into urgent action.

The crowd is less than five kilometers from the UN Climate Change Conference –COP 25– where government representatives, corporate persons and a wide range of stakeholders, including Solvatten, are gathering.

2019 a State of Emergency
This year has been a tipping point in public opinion. Global movements such as Fridays for Future, with the iconized Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, have stood alongside indigenous and environmental campaigners urging world leaders to take responsibility for the ecological crisis.

The evidence could not be clearer. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, the IPCC, has warned that GHG emissions should drop by 7.6% yearly until 2030. Failing to do so means there’s no chance of stopping the rise of 1.5 °C leading to catastrophic and unprecedented consequences. Yet, we are going in the reverse direction.

Coal use has declined but gas is taking off. The booming gas industry is keeping us at the pace of GHG emissions increase, above 0.6%, according to a UNEP report. 

Climate Justice and the Carbon Market
The inequalities of climate change effects, on those less responsible for generating carbon emissions, have been addressed since the first Climate Change Conferences. The Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1997, which came into force in 2005, established that the global market needed trading mechanisms to regulate carbon emissions.

The protocol outlined a mechanism whereby carbon emitters would compensate the least developed countries by buying carbon credits from them. Poor countries would generate these credits by reforestation or using renewable energy systems.

Global North and Global South Coordination
Creating resilience to climate change should be an imperative for everyone, but particularly for those living in the North, who know first-hand the vulnerabilities, communities face in the South. This is the case for Swedish enterprise Solvatten, solar water treatment and heating system created for those. Solvatten collaborates in partnership with development projects to help them leverage their actions for sustainable development such as reforestation, medical care, micro-financing, and women entrepreneurship.  Over the years, Solvatten has experienced the spectacular results of these projects but also their urgent need for financial support in their initial stages. 

COP 25, Article 6 and Carbon Markets
This COP all eyes have been on article 6 of the Paris agreement, which should set the rules whereby carbon markets could be regulated. Clarifying article 6 was key to the success of this conference, erasing some opacity based on two uncertainties: the value of carbon credits and the double counting. 

The first uncertainty raises the issue of how carbon credits could be easily devalued by wealthy countries, by buying large quantities of credits thus preventing them from implementing policies to decarbonize their economies. The second uncertainty, double accounting, consists of double claiming of emission reductions among parties, both by the seller and the buyer. These failures in carbon markets would result in an increase in global emissions as Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, points out.

A Roadmap for 2020
The outcome of this COP25 is still unsure. The Paris Agreement set up goals that lay out a clear roadmap for scaling up decarbonization. One of these goals is the non-market approach introduced in article 6. In-kind donor approaches such as subsidizing solar water technology if trees are planted or children are vaccinated [some of Solvatten in-kind collaborations] are examples of non-market strategies still needing to be clarified in article 6 and, this was one of the main expectations for COP25.

The resistance of some big emitters and lack of consensus in the EU have left this expectation again, up in the air. Despite, some bittersweet feelings, as UN Secretary-General Gutierrez pointed out, this COP25 has been critical in showing who is stepping up and who is not. Time will tell, but we cannot waste it. Are you in?

Author: Jordi Albacete

Petra Wadström as top-three finalist in the Sustainable Leadership Award 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

In 1999, the first Sustainable Leadership Award was announced by NMC, the Association for Sustainable Business. This year Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten, stands as one of the award’s three finalists. Her invention Solvatten purifies and heats water using only solar energy, which today improves the lives of almost 400,000 people in more than 20 countries.

I hope that my journey with Solvatten inspires other companies to turn problems into positive, sustainable solutions. Here and now, and for future generations

– Petra Wadström

NMC Logo

The Sustainable Leadership Award is awarded to a person who has contributed to successful sustainability work in their organization or in the society, through competent leadership. In her work to reach those who need Solvatten the most, Petra unites business, organizations and civil society towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Together with Petra, Vasakronan’s CEO Fredrik Wirdenius and ICA Gruppen’s CEO Per Strömberg stands as finalists. The prize will be awarded in Stockholm on October 9th. Read more about the nominees and the award here.

Tech For Global Good Selects Solvatten

Friday, September 20, 2019

Josephine Sena is 40 years old and mother of 6 children. Narok, Kenya.

Every year ”Tech For Global Good” acknowledges four innovators from all over the world that have created or uses technology to make the world a better place. These four will be represented in an annual exhibition at The Tech Museum that has over 130.000 visitors each year. This year, Swedish Solvatten is part of the prestigious exhibition amongst Zipline International, AI4ALL and Amandla Mobi.

These four initiatives have in common that they show that technology can make a big difference in people’s lives. Amandla Mobi, which is a digital platform used by 200.000 women in South Africa to improve women’s safety and prevent sexual violence against women. Zipline International can through an intelligent drone system deliver medicine to pregnant women in Rwanda and Ghana. AI4ALL aims to make AI more inclusive and prevent algorithms that discriminate. Solvatten is a Swedish Solar Safe Water Energy System that gives clean and hot water through solar energy, which helps mainly women and children who live without access to clean water and basic hygiene.

Solvatten will be in San José on the first of November for the exhibition opening as well as the award ceremony of James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award. Past recipients of the prize are Bill Gates and Al Gore. During the exhibition year, the Tech Museum will arrange “2020 Youth Climate Action Summit. The climate crisis is an intergenerational justice problem. Fortunately, there is technology that makes a difference and inspires us forward!

Read Tech For Global Good press release here

Debaser Goes Solvatten

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Drinks, food and music in Stockholm? Do it to the benefit of Solvatten Solar Water project at Debaser.

Annelie Telford is the founder of the venue and she knows one or two things about inspiring and wake emotions. By supporting Solvatten and getting involved in environmental issues she is a true change maker. We asked her some questions about her thoughts on climate change and water.

Annelie Telford, CEO at Debaser

Hi Annelie, what do you think about the situation that the world is rapidly warming?

The situation forces us to work on all fronts and aspects of climate change. All individuals need to be conscious consumers and think about their choices and priorities. Everybody won’t come to the same conclusions, but we need to think about our part in global warming and what we as individuals are ready to do about it. Companies need to change their ways to secure the planet and in the long run also the companies’ survival. Politicians need to stop thinking so much about if their politics is what most people will vote for and instead start working for a politics that is sustainable, and how we get there. All three parts are equally important. 

How did you come to think of Solvatten to alleviate some of the consequences of climate change?

I read about Solvatten and I just love the invention and idea. A product that gives clean water to the most vulnerable in an environmentally friendly way that also empowers women. Solvatten is a long term good investment that allows trees and bushes to remain where they belong, instead of being cut down and burned up as fuel for boiling water to kill dangerous bacteria. 

It also gives women and children more time to do other activities than collecting fuelwood and walking long distances collecting clean water. It therefore, empowers them since the women are the ones using Solvatten the most and being educated in how to use them, and forward that knowledge to other women. We do not yet know how long a Solvatten lasts, but at least 8 years since that is how long the first ones distributed has lasted. It is a great invention and product that we at Debaser are glad to spread the knowledge and be part of!

Why don’t you visit her place this weekend and check out Solvatten that is also kept there on display.

Petra Wadström’s Success Featured in European CEO Magazine

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

European Ceo magazine published an interview in May with Solvatten’s CEO and inventor Petra Wadström. Petra has come a long way since she started ideating Solvatten in the early 2000s in Australia. She set forth on a mission to solve the problem of access to hot and clean water. After over a decade her outstanding achievements have been internationally acknowledged even by Barack Obama and the Nobel Prize organisation. Today around 350,000 people across 20 countries use Solvatten. But this is just the beginning of Petra’s vision and she’s aiming to benefit one million people by 2020. Read more here.

8 ways Solvatten stands out in comparison

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Solvatten product saves easily more money than other solutions like filter/chemicals and water heaters. There is no need for spare parts, batteries or supplies are needed, just sunlight. Other solar products mostly rely on batteries with low durability.

  1. The water exposed in Solvatten will to highest level of WHO standards, destroy germs like parasites, virus & bacteria. Sandfilters and chlorine filters does not reach this level.
  2. Solvatten is easy to use – even a child can use Solvatten.
  3. Solvatten has a better performance on indicators such as behaviour change. One reason for that is because access to hot and safe water is something most people aspire to have.
  4. Solvatten is very easy to distribute.
  5. Low cost for great impact in humanitarian contexts and with little risk.
  6. It doesn’t affect the taste of the water like chlorine does.
  7. A non-chlorinated water can be used to bake bread with as yeast will rise in warm water that is chlorine free.
  8. Solvatten has impact on all 17 UN-SDG’s, see here:

17 ways → 17 SDG´s

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The United Nations is promoting a sustainable development agenda. It is a set of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

This is how Solvatten can play a part to make it real.

No Poverty: Solvatten tackles some of the underlying factors that keep people in poverty. It improves health and productivity; it saves money and time, therefore it helps people lift themselves out of poverty.

No Hunger: Poor hygiene and lack of safe water play a big role in leading to and exacerbating malnutrion among children especially. Solvatten directly tackles water and hygiene related diseases, such as intestinal worms. The heated water makes the transition from breastmilk easier and less risky.

Good Health: Since Solvatten can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases among users, and especially in children, many lives can be saved. Using Solvatten keeps the poverty related diseases away. Safe water and improved hygiene practices will reduce vulnerability to the major infectious diseases.

Quality Education: Good health makes time for school. So will easing the heavy load for children to provide the household with firewood and water from distant water sources. Globally 300-400 million days of schooling are missed because children have diarrhoea. 

Gender Equality: When parents in developing countries have insufficient money for school fees, they often send the boys to school, and not the girls. The time and money saved by replacing use of solid fuels  will provide time for income-generating activities and give more girls the opportunity to go to school. Women are saving up to 3 hours a day when using Solvatten. Less time spent on finding fuel in unsafe locations means less exposure and incidence of gender-based violence. 

Clean Water and Sanitation: Apart from being a technology that purifies water to the highest level of WHO guidelines for safe water, Solvatten also recognizes the importance of heated water for hygiene and health.

Renewable Energy: Solvatten runs on 100% green power, the sun.

Good Jobs and Economic Growth: Solvatten will provide time and opportunity for income-generating activities. Fewer sick days means fewer days without work and pay, while every extra year in school means higher income as an adult. Solvatten also provides its users with business opportunities, as it increases the quality of the goods (e.g. milk) or services (e.g hairstylists) they provide

Innovation and Infrastructure: Solvatten is an innovative technology bridging humanitarian aid and development while recognizing and utilizing the water-energy nexus, leading to resource efficiency.

Reduced Inequalities: Hot and cold water from a tap at home is a distant dream for more than a billion people. Equality means equal access to the basics that create a dignified life.

Sustainable Cities and Communities: Solvatten provides a sustainable clean energy and water solution that is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral, it provides for a safer and cleaner community. Being energy and water efficient, Solvatten eases the pressures that increasing urbanization puts on energy and fresh water supplies. It also makes urban communities less vulnerable to utility service cuts and water-related disasters.

Responsible Consumption: Solvatten improves water, energy, and time efficiency.

Climate Action: Over 800 million households worldwide currently use solid fuels. For every one of these households CO2 emissions could be reduced by 1 ton per year if they changed from heating/boiling with solid fuels to using Solvatten

Life Below Water: Through reducing CO2 emissions, Solvatten reduces ocean acidification which negatively impacts ocean ecosystems.

Life On Land: Since 2009, Solvatten has reduced the need to burn over 1,000 hectares of forest.

Peace and Justice: People have to coexist with very few resources which can lead to conflicts over water and fuelwood. Going solar with SOLVATTEN is helping to drive down conflict by reducing people’s need for fuel, water and helping to build healthier families and communities.

Partnerships for the Goals: Solvatten engages people, organisations and other companies throughout the world. This is creating awareness, practical action and business opportunities locally and internationally. We work through partnerships that span the private sector, the not-for-profit sector and academia. What’s more, we do not work in developmental silos – but bridge health, energy, environment, economic and gender empowerment, disaster relief and development issues for a cross-sectoral approach.

If you are interested in aligning your company or organisation around these goals Solvatten is an ideal way to get involved in this global effort.

Read More about the UN’s SDG

What is the secret Sweden?

Friday, April 12, 2019


Solvatten is one of the many swedish innovative solutions mentioned in this publication from the Swedish Institute.

Download your pdf version here!

Time for Nikolajredmayne

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Nikolaj Redmayne is a company that offers a range of affordable and timeless unisex wrist watches. They launched its very first collection of unisex watch wear on Kickstarter. The collection, Ineo Conquest, initiates the very first in a series of collaborations with “Good Companies” where Solvatten is the fist co-lab. Get a nikolajredmayne watch will support Solvatten Water Projects – setting people free from the struggles of safe water scarcity.

Find out all about in on Kickstarter

2018-07-26 ( Foto: Martin Wallén ) Nyckelord Keywords:

Ineo Conquest Prestige Rose gold, here to bring clean water for those in need, making a difference in time!

Clean Water Improves Health in the Short and Long Term

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Apoteket has sought a suitable way to take responsibility for its climate impact as well as to increase the pace of its sustainability work. With Solvatten as climate compensation, trees can remain instead of being cut down for firewood.

This means that more trees will remain and will store more carbon dioxide. In addition, people who are most affected by climate change will be more resilient. Apoteket sees a clear connection between its own operations and the opportunities to contribute with knowledge of hygiene and health through this smart Swedish innovation.

Where the need is greatest

As much as 80% of the diseases in developing countries are due to dirty water. In many places, people need to boil water before use, but electricity is often lacking and wood burning is the most common option. But when the forest is fired up, the opportunities to live there also diminish. By using renewable energy for water treatment, many diseases can be prevented and avoided.

Typhoid, diarrhea, and stomach infections are dangerous – especially for young children when they are particularly vulnerable. Everything starts with clean water and hygiene.

Make a real difference

The solar water jerry cans are shipped from Sweden and reach out to vulnerable families in Kenya through local aid organizations.  When the project starts, the user families get hygiene and health training, which also helps them to improve their health.

With Solvatten jerry cans, the user families are better placed to cope with extreme weather and the risks for disease spread are reduced.

A sustainable future for everyone

More and more people are becoming aware of climate change, but they are the most vulnerable. Together, we can reduce some of the sufferings that are going on in the world. We must think simultaneously in new and long-term solutions in order to ensure a sustainable future for all. It is only by cooperating that this can be achieved.

How does Solvatten help the climate?

1) Enhances the share of renewable energy, which is increasing in the world.

2) Energy and water use are made more efficient.  

3) It provides a sustainable socio-economic advantage such as a better economy, a higher social status, better living conditions for women in, particularly, climate-affected countries.

4) The trees remain, providing multiple benefits such as shade, food, water purification, and CO2 binding.

What is Solvatten?

Solvatten is a social enterprise that produces and distributes a sustainable solar-powered water treatment solution to people, primarily women, and children who live without clean water. More than 350,000 people today have direct use of Solvatten.