Natural Science Podcast featuring Petra Wadström (in Swedish)

Naturvetarpodden. Möt Nikita Zeiloth och Palle Liljebäck i Naturvetarnas nya podd. Temat är hållbarhet på flera olika sätt. De bjuder in aktuella gäster som med sin spetskompetens bidrar till fördjupad kunskap, inspiration och skrattfyllda diskussioner. Lyssna  link PODCAST  (IN SWEDISH)  #5 Petra Wadström – The Sun Angel Förorenat vatten och de sjukdomar som följer i spåren […]

DropBox and Solvatten

DROP BOX AND SOLVATTEN Bringing Moonshots Back To Earth Written by Drew Pearce For DropBox. This piece was published first on DropBox website. See the original here Using solar power to provide clean water In the early 90s, Swedish inventor Petra Wadström and her family were living in Australia when she had an epiphany inspired […]

Climate Project in Kenya

Saving Lives and Trees SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Climate project in Tharaka, Kenya Limited access to safe water and electricity have strong connections to socio-economic challenges that prevent people from rising out of poverty. In Kenya, almost 19 million people live without access to safe water at home and only 27% of the population […]

Solvatten at COP25 in Madrid

2019 A STATE OF EMERGENCY Solvatten at COP25 in Madrid It is a crisp evening in the streets of Madrid. Thousands of people from around the world are here, lobbying governments and decision-makers to turn their pledges on climate change adaptation into urgent action. The crowd is less than five kilometers from the UN Climate […]

Interview with Petra Wadström

Interview with Petra Wadström It is a chilly morning in Stockholm. Here, from a small, very cosy office, Swedish microbiologist and artist, Petra Wadström (1952), skypes daily with NGOs and governments from all over the world. Petra is the inventor of a cutting-edge water treatment and heating system, which has won many international awards and […]

Petra Wadström named as top-three finalist in the Sustainable Leadership Award 2019

THE ASSOCIATION FOR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Petra Wadström named as top-three finalist in the Sustainable Leadership Award 2019 The 2019 Sustainable Leadership Award was announced by NMC, the Association for Sustainable Business. This year Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten, was named as one of the award’s three finalists. Her invention, Solvatten, purifies and heats water using […]

Tech for Global Good Selects Solvatten

TECH FOR GLOBAL GOOD Technology that makes a big difference in the world Every year ”Tech For Global Good” acknowledges four innovators from all over the world that have created or used technology to make the world a better place. These four will be represented in an annual exhibition at The Tech Interactive, a venue […]

Debaser Goes Solvatten

Drinks, food and music in Stockholm? Plus discover the Solvatten Solar Water project – all at Debaser.   Annelie Telford is the founder of the venue and she knows one or two things about inspiring and wake emotions. By supporting Solvatten and getting involved in environmental issues she is a true change maker. We asked her […]

8 ways Solvatten stands out in comparison

8 Ways Solvatten stands out against other solutions The Solvatten product saves cost versus than other water purification solutions like filter/chemicals and water heaters. There is no need for spare parts, batteries or supplies are needed, just sunlight. Other solar products mostly rely on batteries with low durability. The water treated by a Solvatten unit […]