Unequal kWh’s

Unequal kWh’s

ENERGY POVERTY MUST GO Unequal kWh’s The richest 10 per cent account for about half of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. At the same time, the poorest 50 per cent account for less than 10 per cent of emissions, yet the richest 1 per cent emit twice as much as the poorest half.  […]

Solvatten’s Founder Petra Wadström Wins Aftonbladet’s “Svenska Hjältar” Award, Environmental Hero Category

Winner of Svenska Hjältar 2020

Solvatten’s Founder Petra Wadström Wins Aftonbladet’s “Svenska Hjältar” Award, Environmental Hero Category “It all started with a small, creative idea to simplify everyday life. I had this idea, but what would I do with it now? I could not stop thinking about it. So I took the plunge and started.” -Petra Wadström (winner Swedish Heroes, 2020).  The story of […]

Women Entrepreneurship Day

Female Entrepreneurs EQUALITY AND DEVELOPMENT Women Entrepreneurship Day According to the UN women perform, on average, 2.6 times more unpaid work compared to men which affects their opportunities to earn an equal income. Most of this time is spent on household chores, such as collecting water and firewood, taking care of children – and heating or […]

Petra Wadström nominated Swedish Environmental Hero

Petra Wadström

THE INNOVATOR BEHIND SOLVATTEN Nominated Swedish Environmental Hero Each year, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shares stories about everyday heroes who have somehow showed great civil courage, support and compassion for other human beings and nature. Among these, a jury later nominates seven “Swedish Heroes” in different categories: citizen of the year, environmental hero, care hero, life saviour and youth heroes.    […]

Natural Science Podcast featuring Petra Wadström (in Swedish)

Naturvetarpodden. Möt Nikita Zeiloth och Palle Liljebäck i Naturvetarnas nya podd. Temat är hållbarhet på flera olika sätt. De bjuder in aktuella gäster som med sin spetskompetens bidrar till fördjupad kunskap, inspiration och skrattfyllda diskussioner. Lyssna  link PODCAST  (IN SWEDISH)  #5 Petra Wadström – The Sun Angel Förorenat vatten och de sjukdomar som följer i spåren […]

DropBox and Solvatten

DROP BOX AND SOLVATTEN Bringing Moonshots Back To Earth Written by Drew Pearce For DropBox. This piece was published first on DropBox website. See the original here Using solar power to provide clean water In the early 90s, Swedish inventor Petra Wadström and her family were living in Australia when she had an epiphany inspired […]

Climate Project in Kenya

Saving Lives and Trees SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Climate project in Tharaka-Nithi, Kenya Limited access to safe water and electricity have strong connections to socio-economic challenges that prevent people from rising out of poverty. In Kenya, almost 19 million people live without access to safe water at home and only 27% of the population […]

Solvatten at COP25 in Madrid

2019 A STATE OF EMERGENCY Solvatten at COP25 in Madrid It is a crisp evening in the streets of Madrid. Thousands of people from around the world are here, lobbying governments and decision-makers to turn their pledges on climate change adaptation into urgent action. The crowd is less than five kilometers from the UN Climate […]