A sustainable solution with winners all round

Solvatten AB has teamed up with Tricorona, a leading company in the global climate economy, to offer CDM* projects under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol. The first project is now starting in the Western Province of Kenya. As well as UNFCCC registration, Solvatten projects are expected to be certified ‘Gold Standard’- a certification reserved for high […]

Solvatten distributor in Haiti

Bosoley, a US-based solar lighting solution provider, and Solvatten have signed an agreement to assist the people of Haiti. The two companies share the vision of improving the living conditions of people across the globe. In this venture, Bosoley will act as the exclusive agent of Solvatten in Haiti, the Bahamas and Turk and Caicos. […]

Solving Climate issues with Solvatten

What is a Climate Solver? SOLVATTEN VISIT THE COP  Solving Climate Issues with Solvatten Solvatten was in Copenhagen where the world’s leaders are meeting to find solutions to climate change. WWF has selected Solvatten as a Climate Solver and invited the company behind Solvatten to join them in Copenhagen.   Deforestation is a significant concern […]

Updates from Kenya 2011

In Kibera slum, Nairobi, subsidised sales of Solvatten have begun. Under the guidance of the Institute of Environment and Water, 10 local CBOs (Community Based Organisations) are now selling units to their friends, family and neighbours. The units will be used to combat water-borne diseases and to help the community adapt to the effects of climate change. […]

SOLVATTEN Featured in the Shanghai World Exhibtion

SOLVATTEN® is being featured in the Sweden Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo from 1 May to 31 October. It is expected that 70 million people will visit Expo, and they will be able to see Solvatten amongst some of Sweden’s most successful innovations. Three keywords for Sweden’s participation have been established as Expo cornerstones:Innovation,Sustainability, and Communication.

Run For Water

Stockholm Run for Water will take place on April 18th 2010. The run will raise awareness of the problems faced by many in getting safe water, and it will raise money for three water projects. Lets Run! www.waterrun.se  

SOLVATTEN® Featured in the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt “Why Design Now?”

SOLVATTEN® is proud to be selected for the “National Design Triennial: Why Design Now” exhibition, organized by the Smithsonian´s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York. The objects in the exhibition will highlight why design is an essential tool for solving some of today’s most urgent problems. Opening 12 May 2010 in New York, the exhibition […]

Help provide rural Ugandans with safe drinking water

The main cause of death each year in Jinja District, Uganda, is unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation amongst local communities. Families use expensive fuel stoves to boil water for drinking and hygiene purposes. These stoves can cause household fires or lung disease in individual family members. Deforestation is also a growing concern in the […]

WSP Biking For Safe Water

WSP has started a collaboration with Solvatten and combines solar energy with biking energy. WSP´s goal is to fund a donation of Solvatten units to 50 families in Kenya. Amref is the supporting field partner. The fund raising continues for one week around the clock and is taking pla ce in five Swedish cities. WSP are part of WSP Group, […]

On the ranking list of top green

Petra Wadstrom, founder and inventor of Solvatten > has made it to the Swedish green site ”Miljoaktuellt”s ranking list of the most influential green tech person. Read more on the swedish site: http://miljoaktuellt.idg.se/2.1845/1.283267/hundratals-miljomaktiga-nominerade-hittills