Solvatten Reduces Emissions and
Lowers Carbon Footprint


Cut the use of firewood and charcoal by half

Heating and boiling water over an open fire to provide water for safe drinking, hygiene, and cooking is a part of everyday life for close to 2 billion people. People living off-grid rely on the burning of firewood and charcoal to meet their most primary needs, dramatically increasing deforestation. When the forests disappear, communities and individuals become less resilient and more vulnerable to the effects of climate change, such as heavy rains or extreme droughts. In addition, habitats are destroyed and the forest’s capacity to capture carbon dioxide weakens.


Solvatten reduces household dependence on firewood by approximately 50%, which corresponds to 6-8 trees per year, per household. In conservative calculations, this equals to a reduction of 1 ton of CO2 emissions per Solvatten unit, per year of use.


Solvatten delivers meaningful contributions to all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Private individuals, organizations, and companies can reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their climate impact by investing in
Solvatten’s Climate Project in Kenya, while supporting some of the families who are the most affected by and vulnerable to climate change.

The UN has honored Solvatten at the UN Momentum For Change Award and The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) recognized Solvatten as a “Climate Solver”.


The climate crisis can be averted

According to the UN, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions through the use of new, innovative technologies is a necessity. Climate-smart solutions are needed to curb and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis and the Solvatten solution contributes to positive climate change by helping families in climate-affected countries.


Since it is the rich countries that historically bear the main responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions and it is the poor who are worst affected, joint efforts must be made to highlight and create opportunities for the most vulnerable.

Reducing carbon emissions as much as possible is important, but sometimes it is simply not possible to avoid emissions. Offsetting your carbon footprint with Solvatten is a concrete way to take responsibility for the negative consequences caused by carbon emissions.


The climate crisis can be averted, but we have to move from word to action.




Solvatten Impact

It is easy to see the climate benefit in Solvatten’s climate project. We use digital tools to measure and collect data.

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Solvatten helps in an engaging, sustainable and long-term manner. We help our customers take greater social responsibility and reduce the overall global carbon footprint. Together, we can reduce the damage caused by carbon emissions and their impact on people and the environment.


Here are some of the companies and partnerships that have contributed to the Solvatten Climate Project.

We work with Solvatten for the positive effects and impact it makes. It is good for business, people and climate"
Åsa Domeij, Axfood
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