The international NGO OXFAM has made trials of Solvatten in the desert land of the Turkana, one of the poorest regions in Kenya. John Erupe, WASH specialist from OXFAM, has provided us with two fascinating case stories about how Solvatten has transformed the lives of its users.

The NGO, LWF World Service has also distributed Solvatten in the same region  with great results. This partner organization distribute and inform beneficiaries how to treat and heat water with Solvatten.

Thanks to the generous support of private donors, and companies such as Humlegården, Mitsubishi Corporation, SWECO, BNP Paribas, Aqua Biota, Nestlé, AQ Arkitekter and Terracom, Solvatten improves the lives for thousands of refugees and people living in the host community of Kakuma, Kenya.