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Swedish Soroptimists have engaged strongly in Solvatten and initiated their own Solvatten projects together with partners. In 2012, the Stockholm-Roslagen Soroptimist Club started a fundraising campaign to provide Solvatten to a SOS Children’s Village in Lubango in Angola. The club engaged their local community in the Stockholm-Roslagen area, leading to a substantial contribution to the project from local companies and sister clubs in the area. After having started to use Solvatten, the families in the SOS Children’s Village report significant savings on time and money, that the families are healthier and that the school attendance has increased, especially among the girls.

Additionally, the Swedish Union of Soroptimist Clubs are ongoingly raising money with the aim of supplying safe water to vulnerable people in Kenya. The Union buys Solvatten units for delivery to Kenyan Soroptimist Clubs for distribution to needy women and families. A first delivery of 36 Solvatten units arrived at the Kakamega Soroptimist Club in Western Kenya in April 2013. The photo was taken during the Solvatten training. In June 2013, the second delivery of 72 Solvatten units reached the Soroptimist Clubs Eldoret and Milimani-Nairobi. The Kenyan Soroptimist Union is whole-heartedly supporting this project and eight more clubs are eagerly waiting for their allotment. A Solvatten unit can drastically improve the life of a whole family.

If you wish to contribute to this project, please send your donation to

Nordea – IBAN: SE95 9500 0099 6034 0657 1178, BIC-code SWIFT: NDEASESS

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