Safe, Affordable Water for Children Creates Better Health

Solvatten’s collaboration with Kinondo Kwetu Clinic aims to improve the health of malnourished children by upgrading their washing and sanitation conditions. In two short years, the health and wellness of children in this region have improved significantly.  

Clean Water, Improved Hygiene and Better Learning

“The teachers together with the class president are in charge of operating Solvatten and it is working very well. There are no stomach aches and the students hygiene habits, like washing hands have improved now thanks to Solvatten” says Nairobi primary school founder and principal Douglas Monene Onkware. On behalf of a generous donations, 15 […]

Soroptimists in Kenya

The Kenyan branch of the international Soroptimist network introducing Solvatten in Kakamega, Kenya. With special thanks to the Swedish Soroptimist organization.

New film from Mutomo

Solvatten in Mutomo Where micro finance is a part of the project to address poverty and water challanges.