Together for bigger impact

Monday, September 3, 2018

Greencarrier and Solvatten have now joined forces to give long lasting help to especially women and children without clean water.

The Greencarrier Group is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specialising in global, sustainable logistics solutions. Every year they set aside 1% of the profit to the Greencarrier Spirit Fund, funding local and global initiatives to make improvements for the environment and the society.  

The GreenCarrrier Spirit Fund provides better logistics solutions for Solvatten. Together we can make impact bigger and push progress towards a sustainable future for all.

“- Being sustainable in business means that we at Greencarrier care for our company, the people in it and for our customers and partners. But also that we take a larger responsibility than that, for the society in general and the future health of our planet. Joining forces with Solvatten and providing them with our sustainable logistics solutions, means that we directly contribute to their vision of a world where everyone can live a healthy and worthy life and that we can combine our business knowledge with our social and environmental goals.” says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier.

-“Our mission is to have reached 1 million families by 2030. To be able to achieve this we need the power of collaboration, so we are happy to see Greencarrier also sharing our vision about a sustainable future for all.” saysPetra Wadström, CEO and Founder of Solvatten.

Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

MatHem contributes to Solvatten Project

Friday, May 18, 2018

MatHem’s sunshine story

The 23th of May, MatHem’s customers will be part of something of the greatest importance; clean water. It is a key to better health and development. But for millions of people the lack of clean water is affecting their daily lives and health.  Most of those who are affected by water born diseases live where the sun shines in abundance. That is where Solvatten comes in handy.

On 23/5, MatHem donates 1% of the days total turnover to a good cause. In this case, a  Solvatten project in Kenya. The funds will make it possible for families living without clean water to have a tool to make safe, hot water at home. So on the 23th of May, MatHem’s customer will help spread sunshine stories and hope for a sustainable future for all. Please shop responsibly.


Solvatten Mathem

Swedens Most Inspiring Sustainability Brands

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Inspirerande organisationer för hållbarhet 2017

We are proud to be recognised as one of Swedens most inspiring organisations in the field of Sustainability by GreenMatch. Mathias Lehtinen from Green Match asked Solvatten for a comment.

What does Solvatten think is most important to ensure a sustainable future?

“Sustainability calls for big bold thinking. There is a need for political leadership and some kind of control and responsibility that limits the negative effects that the society creates. For example, we need to regulate and put a price on what a ton of emitted carbon dioxide emissions actually costs. We must be progressive and dare to think with a new perspective and with the long-term in mind to ensure a sustainable future. And it’s only by cooperating that this can be achieved”.  

Read more about GreenMatch’s award here.


CSR – What does your company stand for?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Solvatten is a tool that can help companies connect social and environmental impact with business needs. More and more companies also makes employer engagement a priority. It is important for companies to show commitment and also share what they believe in. Here is one example where WSP is one of Solvatten’s many CSR partners. See the film when employees from WSP making a field visit to a Solvatten project in Kenya.

WSP and Solvatten, Working Together from Solvatten on Vimeo.