Solvatten named in ‘Techarenan’ top 50 future Nordic firms

NEW AWARD NOMINATION Solvatten named in ‘Techarenan’ top 50 future Nordic firms 2021 Techarenan is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship that brings together the most innovative startups from the Nordics, industry leading companies, policy makers and politicians.   The 50 finalists compete for the awards: Startup Company of the Year, Growth Company of the […]

Svenskt Tenn & Solvatten

SOLVATTEN & SVENSKT TENN A Swedish Partnership Built on Sustainability and Human Rights Today, Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn announced that the companies will work together to provide clean water and life opportunities for vulnerable families and climate refugees in Uganda. The collaboration between Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn, which begins in 2021, will soon help hundreds […]

Unequal kWh’s

Unequal kWh’s

ENERGY POVERTY MUST GO Unequal kWh’s The richest 10 per cent account for about half of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. At the same time, the poorest 50 per cent account for less than 10 per cent of emissions, yet the richest 1 per cent emit twice as much as the poorest half.  […]

Solvatten’s Founder Petra Wadström Wins Aftonbladet’s “Svenska Hjältar” Award, Environmental Hero Category

Winner of Svenska Hjältar 2020

Solvatten’s Founder Petra Wadström Wins Aftonbladet’s “Svenska Hjältar” Award, Environmental Hero Category “It all started with a small, creative idea to simplify everyday life. I had this idea, but what would I do with it now? I could not stop thinking about it. So I took the plunge and started.” -Petra Wadström (winner Swedish Heroes, 2020).  The story of […]

Mentor Mothers in Kinondo

Program Report  STUDY: IMPROVING AVAILABILITY OF SAFE WATER AND HYGIENE TO REDUCE CASES OF DISEASES AND TREATMENT COSTS FOR KINONDO KWETO HEALTH CLINIC, A RURAL HEALTH POST IN KWALE COUNTY, KENYA Kwale County is located in Kenya’s south coast region neighbouring Mombasa County to the north and Tan-zania to the south. The county exists in […]

In Depth Interview With Founder

Petra Wadström IN DEPTH INTERVIEW  Petra Wadström – Founder of Solvatten It is a chilly morning in Stockholm. Here, from a small, very cosy office, Swedish microbiologist and artist, Petra Wadström (1952), skypes daily with NGOs and governments from all over the world. Petra is the inventor of a cutting-edge water treatment and heating system, which […]

Natural Science Podcast featuring Petra Wadström (in Swedish)

Naturvetarpodden. Möt Nikita Zeiloth och Palle Liljebäck i Naturvetarnas nya podd. Temat är hållbarhet på flera olika sätt. De bjuder in aktuella gäster som med sin spetskompetens bidrar till fördjupad kunskap, inspiration och skrattfyllda diskussioner. Lyssna  link PODCAST  (IN SWEDISH)  #5 Petra Wadström – The Sun Angel Förorenat vatten och de sjukdomar som följer i spåren […]

DropBox and Solvatten

DROP BOX AND SOLVATTEN Bringing Moonshots Back To Earth Written by Drew Pearce For DropBox. This piece was published first on DropBox website. See the original here Using solar power to provide clean water In the early 90s, Swedish inventor Petra Wadström and her family were living in Australia when she had an epiphany inspired […]

“Water brings people together” – A partnership with Folkpool

Creating Better Days WATER PARTNERSHIP Folkpool and Solvatten Water is an element that brings people together and we love to partner with organizations and companies that are committed to water.   One example is the Swedish company Folkpool, a distributor of pools and spas. Since 2018, Folkpool has promoted an offer that with every pool […]