The perfect mix of micronutrient powder and safe, warm water

We are studying how the impact of Solvatten is of help to families with malnourished children in the Kakuma Refugee camp. One initial observation is that because of the strict rations of fuelwood, it is now easier for families to prepare the micronutrient powder, corn porridge and formula provided by the UNHCR, WFP and IRC. Since Solvatten treats and […]

New approach to global health challenges

STOCKHOLM – Swecare and the Swedish Health Initiatives group are hosting a seminar today to discuss innovative approaches to solving global health issues and the challenges faced in scaling these up. This forum is the first to be held as part of a new initiative created by a number of Swedish health companies, institutions and […]

Accelerating social innovations in healthcare

What we can do to accelerate development, introduction, and spread of social innovations in healthcare: Swedish Health Initiatives is a group of organisations that have been meeting during 2014 with the purpose  to find ways to collaborate, find synergies and scale up innovations geared towards impact and attainment of global health goals. The group consists of […]

With a few litres of clean drinking water

SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences recently published a cost benefit analysis of the socio-economic effects from implementing household water treatment in rural India. Erik Boije and Gustaf Eskhult (Agricultural program- Economic’s and Management) conducted the study based on the performance of three technologies: Solvatten, Elextrolux Oxy3 and Airwaterwell in the regions Gujarat, Harayana and Uttar Pradesh.  The cost […]

Sanitary, economic and environmental impacts of Solvatten in the West African rural context: case of the rural municipality of Dialakorodji (Mali)

Solvatten has participated in different projects across West Africa. In the academic study Sanitary, economic and environmental impacts of Solvatten in the West African peri-urban context: case of Dialakorodji, Bamako (Mali) Dr. Becaye analyses multiple benefits for the inhabitants of this Malian town using Solvatten.  Approximately 49% of Dialakorodji population has no access to drinking […]

Reporting from Kakuma

Solvatten Kakuma, Kenya from Solvatten on Vimeo. This video from Kakuma, Kenya is produced by the international NGO Norwegian Refugee Council who uses SOLVATTEN, in a safe water project for vulnerable households. Read more about the project at NRC 

Happy Holidays!

This year we invite you to participate in a fundraise for the people of Turkana in north Kenya. Life in this arid region of Kenya is harder than most of us can imagine. Here, every day is a struggle for survival. Our partner organization the Norwegian Refugee Council, NRC has conducted a baseline study in the region and […]

Training session in Kakuma

  Time for the local communities in Kakuma to get to know how SOLVATTEN can help to improve health, save money and energy. The Norwegian Refugee Council conducts training session where beneficiaries gets information on the importance of hygiene and safe water to improve health. Understanding how money and time can be saved with SOLVATTEN is […]

Cotton made in Africa

The “Cotton made in Africa” initiative helps to improve the living conditions of African cotton farmers and their families. Solvatten founder and inventor, Petra Wadström invited keynote speaker at the conference in Köln.