Solvatten at World Water Week on August 23rd​

HOW HOT & SAFE DRINKING AND DOMESTIC WATER CAN SAVE THE WORLD Solvatten at World Water Week on August 23rd Join Petra Wadström in SIWI storytelling session 2021. 23 August 19:30-20:30 pm or 10.30-11.30 am (PT)   The temperature of domestic water matters more than imagined. If the energy for heating this water is from a […]

World Refugee Day – June 20th

UNHCR & Solvatten IMPROVED LIVING CONDITIONS IN UGANDAN REFUGEE SETTLEMENTS World Refugee Day – June 20th Last year, the number of forcibly displaced people in the world reached 80 million, and over 26 million refugees, for the first time in recorded history. Out of these, close to 1,5 million people live as refugees in Uganda. […]

Covid-19, Climate and Gender Equality

ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS Covid-19, Climate and Gender Equality During the past year, Covid-19 has changed our habits, relations, work conditions, and way of living. Around the world, people suffer socially and financially due to limitations and restrictions in our everyday life. However, we must not forget the effects on the most vulnerable groups and […]

An innovative way to prevent cholera in Haiti

Safe water and improved hygiene is key to stop cholera from spreading in Haiti. Children are most vulnerable to the life-threatening disease, but cholera can easily be stopped with clean water and improved hygiene at home. We can help in this situation by distributing Solvatten. It has already been proven to help Haitian families in […]

We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army

The number of humanitarian organisations distributing SOLVATTEN grows around the world. We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army in our mission to help the most disadvantaged families living without safe water. There is an exciting learning experience when working with new NGO´partners.  We supply all sorts of training materials in multi languages where we share our experience of running SOLVATTEN projects. […]

Shining light on the situation in Darashakran

Finally, after months of preparations the shipment of SOLVATTEN reached Kobane and the Darashakran refugee camp in Kurdistan hosting more than 10’000 people. The Syria Regional Refugee Response hosts more than 112’000 people fleeing from the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Erbil region. SOLVATTEN was provided to the most vulnerable families in Darashrakran via Kurdish Help […]