Haiti Response

Thursday, June 15, 2017

For people living in places where there is limited infrastructure, safe water can be a matter of life or death. Especially for children under five. Two effective methods to prevent from falling sick or even dying from water born such as cholera and soil-transmitted diseases are to maintain good hygiene practice and use point of use water treatment.

Cholera is still a threat in Haiti. Children are the most vulnerable to this life-threatening disease, luckily cholera can easily be stopped with clean water and improved hygiene at home. The United Nations, (UN) is now intensifying their efforts to eliminate cholera by providing material assistance to people in need. The new UN approach to cholera in Haiti can be found here.

This is our contribution to the UN effort:

  • Solvatten given to children living at orphanages.
  • Solvatten given to the staff members of the orphanages (most are former beneficiaries of the program who went through the orphanage system) and their families.
  • Solvatten given to a primary school who work with the orphanages disabled children.
  • Solvatten given to a clinic to be distributed over time to patients, based on need.
  • Solvatten given for newborn nutrition program at the orphanage (to be distributed over time to mothers, based on need).

Thanks to the support of Axfood, Sveriges Bryggerier, HSB Södermanland Wine World, NP3 fastigheter, Västerås rotaryklubb, Energiforsk AB, Thirdbase AB, Kommunalförbundet Norrvatten, GANT AB, Kalmar Soroptimistklubb, Swea Wien, Torssenssons Art, Kairos Future, Sveriges Ingengörer and Veidekke.

An innovative way to prevent cholera in Haiti

Monday, November 21, 2016

Safe water and improved hygiene is key to stop cholera from spreading in Haiti. Children are most vulnerable to the life-threatening disease, but cholera can easily be stopped with clean water and improved hygiene at home. We can help in this situation by distributing Solvatten. It has already been proven to help Haitian families in great need. Distribution by local partners will take place in the Les Cayes region of Haiti where the hurricane hit.

To contribute to this initiative please donate here, (and mark your donation “HAITI”).

Thank you for your support!


Not just clean water

Monday, December 7, 2015

We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The number of humanitarian organisations distributing SOLVATTEN grows around the world. We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army in our mission to help the most disadvantaged families living without safe water. There is an exciting learning experience when working with new NGO´partners.  We supply all sorts of training materials in multi languages where we share our experience of running SOLVATTEN projects. We listen and learn from new partners in various contexts and we welcome more NGO’s to get familiar with our goods and services.

Contact us to explore how we can work together!

Shining light on the situation in Darashakran

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Finally, after months of preparations the shipment of SOLVATTEN reached Kobane and the Darashakran refugee camp in Kurdistan hosting more than 10’000 people. The Syria Regional Refugee Response hosts more than 112’000 people fleeing from the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Erbil region. SOLVATTEN was provided to the most vulnerable families in Darashrakran via Kurdish Help Organisation KHO.  Read more about the situation here

Thanks to Lions Club Lysekil and contributing artists Adam Tensta, Regina Lund, Helin Aro, Behrang Miri and the support from everybody at the charity event Safe Water is a Human Right. Read more about the event here