The Impact of 10,000 Solvatten Units – a virtual pilot

VIRTUAL PILOT What is the impact of 10,000 Solvatten units? When crisis hits, it is necessary to set priorities. Innovative solutions such as Solvatten can save lives in both the short-, medium- and long-term. For countries that want to increase preparation for nation-wide natural disasters while providing a longer-term viable solution for disaster-struck areas or […]

Care for Trees? Use the Sun

Treating water with sunlight to make it safe and hot saves lives, improves health and prevents trees from being cut down for firewood.

Valeur Partagée

NGOs et Organisations Gouvernamentaux peuevent contribuer a améliorer les Objectifs Globales de Devéloppement en utilisant Solvatten.

Shared Value

NGOs and Government organisations can contribute to advance the SDGs by using Solvatten.

Safe, Affordable Water for Children Creates Better Health

Solvatten’s collaboration with Kinondo Kwetu Clinic aims to improve the health of malnourished children by upgrading their washing and sanitation conditions. In two short years, the health and wellness of children in this region have improved significantly.  


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