The Future is in our hands

IN DEPTH Reason For Renewable Water Once again, leading actors and heads of state have gathered to discuss the climate. Significant issues are being addressed during the UN Climate Week in New York, and some of these are the world’s need for renewable energy and technology that can accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. […]

Interview with Parul Sharma about a book release and climate just solutions

IN DEPTH Interview with Parul Sharma about a book release and climate just solutions Solvatten: You are the author of the book ”Your Agenda 2030”. Congratulations!   Parul Sharma: Many many thanks!   Solvatten: Why did you write it and who should read it?   Parul Sharma: Because sustainable development is or should be every […]

Solvatten in Rwenzori, Uganda

ZOÉGAS AND SOLVATTEN SOLVATTEN IN RWENZORI, UGANDA Zoégas is now strengthening its long-term sustainability commitment in East Africa. In September, 432 Solvatten containers reached the Rwenzori region in Uganda. It can take hours to collect water in the Rwenzori region. The roads to carry the water are complicated to walk, and the water sources are […]

Women Entrepreneurship Day

Female Entrepreneurs EQUALITY AND DEVELOPMENT Women Entrepreneurship Day According to the UN women perform, on average, 2.6 times more unpaid work compared to men which affects their opportunities to earn an equal income. Most of this time is spent on household chores, such as collecting water and firewood, taking care of children – and heating or […]

Mentor Mothers in Kinondo

Program Report  STUDY: IMPROVING AVAILABILITY OF SAFE WATER AND HYGIENE TO REDUCE CASES OF DISEASES AND TREATMENT COSTS FOR KINONDO KWETO HEALTH CLINIC, A RURAL HEALTH POST IN KWALE COUNTY, KENYA Kwale County is located in Kenya’s south coast region neighbouring Mombasa County to the north and Tan-zania to the south. The county exists in […]

In Depth Interview With Founder

Petra Wadström IN DEPTH INTERVIEW  Petra Wadström – Founder of Solvatten It is a chilly morning in Stockholm. Here, from a small, very cosy office, Swedish microbiologist and artist, Petra Wadström (1952), skypes daily with NGOs and governments from all over the world. Petra is the inventor of a cutting-edge water treatment and heating system, which […]

UN Habitat and Solvatten in Mali

MALI UN Habitat and Solvatten The world community has pledged to reduce by half the proportion of the global population without sustainable access to safe drinking water by 2015 (UN Millennium Development Goal 7) and Solvatten projects are contributing to this. UN Habitat is starting a solar water pasteurization project to provide safe drinking water and warm […]

Swedish Institute Innovation Tour

I INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY Swedish Institute Innovation Tour Once again Solvatten has been named as one of the ”hottest innovations”. The Swedish Institute, Sweden’s leading globalisation agency, has selected Solvatten as one of the top innovations which Sweden is today offering to the world. From 201 nominations the 20 most promising were selected by a panel of experts […]

Solvatten awarded at the Humanitarian Water and Food Award

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2010 AWARD WINNER Solvatten receives Humanitarian Water and Food Award The Humanitarian Water and Food Award announced the 2010 winner last night, at its first ever award event held at LIFE, Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen. Second prize went to Solvatten AB, for their initiative “The Solvatten solar safe water system“. Profesor […]

Solvatten in Kibera with NCF

Solvatten in Kibera with NCF Solvatten AB will, in co-operation with the Institute of Environment and Water, a Kenyan-based charitable trust, provide an innovative household water treatment technology in Africa’s largest slum. The project, in Kibera, Nairobi, will secure safe drinking water for 13,000 residents. In addition greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced and the […]