Scaling up sustainability through collaboration.

Solvatten in Rwenzori, Uganda

ZOÉGAS AND SOLVATTEN SOLVATTEN IN RWENZORI, UGANDA Zoégas is now strengthening its long-term sustainability commitment in East Africa. In September, 432 Solvatten containers reached the Rwenzori region in Uganda. It can take hours to collect water in the Rwenzori region. The roads to carry the water are complicated to walk, and the water sources are […]

World Refugee Day – June 20th

UNHCR & Solvatten IMPROVED LIVING CONDITIONS IN UGANDAN REFUGEE SETTLEMENTS World Refugee Day – June 20th Last year, the number of forcibly displaced people in the world reached 80 million, and over 26 million refugees, for the first time in recorded history. Out of these, close to 1,5 million people live as refugees in Uganda. […]

New Partnership with ChildFund Kenya

For Children’s Rights NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH CHILDFUND KENYA AND BARNFONDEN Health and Security for Children Poor access to safe water and hygiene are the most basic factors behind illnesses among children in the world. Globally, children and their mothers spend a total of 200 hours every day to fetch water and carry it home. In […]

Viva Wine Group and Solvatten

Enable Positive Synergies VIVA WINE GROUP IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SOLVATTEN Sustainable transports for social development Perhaps the most important goal within UN’s SDGs is number 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. This is key in order for humanity to reach every goal within Agenda 2030. Another important part is to find synergies between the goals […]

Svenskt Tenn & Solvatten

SOLVATTEN & SVENSKT TENN A Swedish Partnership Built on Sustainability and Human Rights Today, Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn announced that the companies will work together to provide clean water and life opportunities for vulnerable families and climate refugees in Uganda. The collaboration between Solvatten and Svenskt Tenn, which begins in 2021, will soon help hundreds […]

Women Entrepreneurship Day

Female Entrepreneurs EQUALITY AND DEVELOPMENT Women Entrepreneurship Day According to the UN women perform, on average, 2.6 times more unpaid work compared to men which affects their opportunities to earn an equal income. Most of this time is spent on household chores, such as collecting water and firewood, taking care of children – and heating or […]

Solvatten Occasion Gift Card

Support families with Solvatten GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Occasion Gift Card Collection One in eight people in the world live without access to clean water. In our web shop, you can find our Occasion Gift Card Collection which makes it easy for you to be a part of the solution. For corporate gift giving, for […]

“Water brings people together” – A partnership with Folkpool

Creating Better Days WATER PARTNERSHIP Folkpool and Solvatten Water is an element that brings people together and we love to partner with organizations and companies that are committed to water.   One example is the Swedish company Folkpool, a distributor of pools and spas. Since 2018, Folkpool has promoted an offer that with every pool […]

Voluntary Carbon Offsetting with Solvatten and U&We in Uganda

GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Voluntary Carbon Offsetting with Solvatten and U&We in Uganda 90 Solvatten units have now reached Uganda. They will be used in a pilot study, funded by the French embassy in Kampala and the international pharmaceutical company Roche. In the first few months data will be collected to establish the fuel wood […]