Ekonomi och Logistikansvarig hos Solvatten

Friday, December 6, 2019

Vi har nu en ledig tjänst för ekonomi/administration och logistiksansvarig för Solvattenkontoret i Stockholm. Rollen innebär huvudsakligt ekonomi- redovisnings-arbete, samt sköta logistik och frakt. Stor del av arbetet med ekonomiska rapporter görs i nära samarbete med Vice VD, VD och styrelse. Du kommer till exempel att: 

Sköta fakturering och betalningar. Följa upp reskontran och säljrapporter. Budgetera och följa upp försäljningssiffror. Hantera web-shop och kundregister. Genomföra stora och små leveranser i Sverige och för export. Assistera VD och team i det dagliga kundservice. 


75% eller heltidstjänst.


Högskoleutbildning inom Ekonomi.

IT-kunskaper, så som erfarenhet av excel. 





Svenska, flytande och Engelska.

Mejla in din ansökan med CV och personligt brev senast 31 december.


Solvatten is hiring

Monday, April 23, 2018

Clean water is a distant dream for too many people in the world. Do you want to change that? We are looking for you that are an experienced marketer and project manager who knows how to  manage multi-stake holder projects in Sweden and internationally. Your role will be important in Solvatten’s daily business in Stockholm, requiring high efficiency and attention to detail. Your focus will help us improve our customer relationships. We want you to have proven experience in project management and also including economic reporting. You will be able to express yourself very well in speech and writing in both Swedish and English. You have experience of working in international projects and having a sense, understanding and ability to write texts on important issues such as climate change, poverty reduction, social justice and similar sustainability issues. You are fluent in the Office suit as well as Apple and Adobe packages.

The opportunity is in Stockholm and will be added in September.

Send an email to jobs@solvatten.se and include CV with reference.

Dead line: 1 June 1018

We look forward to hearing from you!

About us:
Solvatten® is a social company that manufactures, sells and distributes water treatment to people, mainly women and children living without clean water. There are several ways to cooperate with us, for example, companies can take responsibility for their carbon footprint by comparing climate with Solvatten.

Clean Water, Improved Hygiene and Better Learning

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

“The teachers together with the class president are in charge of operating Solvatten and it is working very well. There are no stomach aches and the students hygiene habits, like washing hands have improved now thanks to Solvatten” says Nairobi primary school founder and principal Douglas Monene Onkware. On behalf of a generous donations, 15 year-old Tamaia delivers Solvatten water purifiers to the INGRID primary school. A welcoming party with the 250 pupils (ages 3-12) was captured on film that day. See pictures and film on flickr.

BBC Horizons Feature Solvatten

Monday, May 16, 2016

In this weeks program, the BBC Horizons visit founder of Solvatten, Petra Wadström. Great that BBC now highlights an innovation that can save millions of lives and ease the burdens for millions of women and families living in poverty around the world.

Follow this link to watch the episode